4_Jossi slide 3 min presentation_July 2017

Brain Machine Interface

The paper “A biopotential optrode array: operation principles and simulations” by A. Al Abed,  H. Srinivas, J. Firth, F. Ladouceur, N.H. Lovell and L. Silvestri, illustrating the concept of using Zedelef’s optical technology to monitor  brain activity, has just been published on Nature Publishing Group’s journal “Scientific Reports”. The work presents evidence that optrode arrays based on[…]


Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair

For their innovative sensor development work, François Ladouceur and Yingge (Lucy) Chen were invited to the 2018 Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair held on 18-21 May in Langfang in the province of Hebei. There they promoted Zedelef and UNSW, showcasing a novel industrial monitoring technology. They exhibited Zedelef’s fully redundant, intrinsically safe oxygen and temperature sensing[…]