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Zedelef Pty Ltd has developed a novel transducing technology enabling a new generation of optical telemetry systems. Discover how our patent pending transducer can help you turn your existing telemetry into a fiber-optic one.
Technology: the optical transducer

It is the core technology allowing the conversion of an electrical input into an optical output. It is integrated with standard SMF-28 optical fibres and can be multiplexed for distributed sensing applications. The size of the transducer can be reduced to the size of the optical fibre.

Products: Optical Telemetry Systems

We supply our patent pending optical transducers and the interrogation unit necessary to read them. Our team can design an optical network tailored to the customer’s needs and capable of reading up to 32 analog channels per fiber core. Check our latest demo in the Media section.


Our patent pending optical transducer can be used to read optically a host of conventional sensors, including microphones/hydrophones, gas sensors and flowmeters. In many cases it requires no power and can be used to retrofit existing sensing networks.


Supplier of optical sensing network technologies for industrial applications

Zedelef Pty Ltd is a startup company created to commercialise technologies developed by its three founders from the University of New South Wales. Zedelef’s novel transducing technology enables a new generation of optical sensor networks targeting important markets such as mine monitoring, ocean monitoring for both surveillance and geo-seismic exploration and oil & gas distribution systems. Based on optical fibres and liquid crystals, the resulting technology leads to a dramatic simplification of existing sensing systems and to important reductions in their costs. Our mission is to become a leading supplier of optical sensing network technologies for industrial applications.

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Francois Ladouceur
CEO and Founder
Zourab Brodzeli
CTO and Founder
Leonardo Silvestri
Senior Design Engineer and Founder
Michael Taranto
Francis Linnane
Josiah Firth


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