Zedelef’s led A$ 3.2m project gets funding

The project “High performance optical telemetry system for ocean monitoring” worth more than A$ 3.2 million has been supported by the government with A$ 764,000 under the Cooperative Research Centres Projects stream of the CRC Programme. The project seeks to develop an optical towed array sonar based on Zedelef’s transducers and it is a collaboration[…]


Zedelef assigned key IP from NSi

NewSouth Innovation (NSi), the has assigned to Zedelef the IP protecting its core “optical voltage sensing” technology. This technology, originally developed at the University of New South Wales by Zedelef’s founders, was initially licensed by NSi to Zedelef under the novel “Easy Access IP” scheme. Following the assignment, Zedelef has now full control of the[…]

LC alignment.001

Zedelef assembles its first FLC cell

The first Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal (FLC) cell has been assembled by Zedelef in the clean room of the Australian Nano Fabrication Facility (ANFF). The picture shows two images taken under a polarising microscope: on the right, the FLC in our cell is very well aligned and it can be used in electro-optical devices; on the[…]


Zedelef signs ANFF deal

Zedelef Pty Ltd has signed an agreement with the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) to move the production of its transducers to the NSW node of ANFF. Starting in 2014, Zedelef will rent lab space in one of ANFF’s clean rooms located at the University of New South Wales. By the end of January, the[…]